Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions which is an integral part of Salalah Cargo. The company is Muscat Cargo On the off possibility of using our website at the present time, you have to follow the terms of these conditions. In any case when you don’t adhere to our terms and conditions, you must do not access our website.

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The Administration's Charges

The cost of our administrations are based entirely on the level of management you’re implementing. The cutoff dates for every one of our services is distinct from one another. Whatever you’re looking for, whether our assistance with the structure of websites or mobile enhancement of applications or something different types of services, we typically require a specific number of developer installments to our clients.

Once we’ve got the majority of the work the clients are required to pay us additional funds which helps us offer a simple and easy management to our clients.


If you’re using our services currently you must agree to our terms and conditions.

Receipt and Payment

Most solicitations Muscat Cargo, are solely sent by email. In certain instances printed copies of solicitations, as well as installments can be provided. The discount is made in the name of an individual client.


All of our customers are required to make their payment within 15 days of getting the invoice. The entire installment is possible with any method, which may be similar to the online transfer of funds or Gray, Credit Card as well as Online Bank transfer. Although you are able to make checks payments as well.


In the event that the client does not disclose all information related to the project in that instance this could hinder the completion of the project.

If the situation is to test the design of the website or the progress process If mistakes or problems occur, and the problem is solved, there will be no fee for the customer.


If the finished work needs an overhaul or re-design, the client is required to pay more for administration fees.

After approval of live work in in the possibility arises that the client needs any modifications after this, customers are required to pay for administration.


All the material or other information that are related to the project must be provided within the agreed deadline. So that we can begin the work as quickly as possible. Anything not included in the essentials is covered by the client himself.


If you are currently undergoing one of our website improvement or planning processes now to ensure that your administrations run efficiently, you need to establish a website that assists our administrations in a sense.